Alikhan Smailov meets with United Arab Emirates delegation

Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Alikhan Smailov held a meeting with a delegation from the United Arab Emirates, headed by Chairman of the UAE Central Bank Khaled Mohammed Salem Balama, who arrived to Astana.

Participants discussed the attraction of investments, strengthening of contacts between business circles of the two countries and cooperation in the banking sector.

Alikhan Smailov reminded that as a result of his recent official visit to the UAE, a large number of interdepartmental and commercial documents were signed between the countries, agreements were reached on further strengthening of investment cooperation.

"We attach great importance to our interaction and intend to raise the level of bilateral relations," the Prime Minister stressed.

In turn, Khaled Mohammed Salem Balama said that at present Arab investors are studying in detail cooperation proposals, after which they will be ready to proceed to their practical implementation.

"Today we are facing interesting opportunities for the investment cooperation. I would like to thank the Government of Kazakhstan for support rendered in this direction," the Head of the Central Bank of the UAE said.

It should be noted that the UAE delegation also included representatives of large companies "Mubadala" and "ADQ", which have previously shown interest in launching investment projects in Kazakhstan.

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